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PLEASE NOTE: MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS OUR SERVICES. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION is available by clicking on the Package Tab above. COURSE APPLICATIONS are under the Course Tab above Membership is current from time of payment until the end of the current year Membership is required to participate in Classes and/or Day care. Please complete your membership registration before making a class booking. Membership application is available on the packages page. Payment may be made at checkout, where you may also choose to add a course booking. The completion of the membership application and agreement to terms and conditions is all that is required for day care. Please ensure you enter a name and contact number in each of the emergency contact fields, especially if planning on using day care. Please read additional information and requirements for day care on our Day Care web page,. Our course curriculum is designed to help people understand their dog and develop a relationship that is built on trust and goodwill. You will learn how to teach your dog good manners, how to problem solve and how to help your dog fit well into your family and life. We keep classes as stress free as possible for dogs and people, and our methods are force free. We do not use aversive treatment or equipment. Training should be fun for the dog and family. Please note: Week one of BASIC ONLY is DOG FREE. This allows us time to set up the future classes for success and provide you with the information you need to successfully teach your dog. Dogs do attend week one of puppy school, Advanced, Masters, Agility and DogFit. Please contact us if you need further information. There are a maximum of 8 dogs per class available, (5 in puppy school) and the whole family is able to attend. However children are the responsibility of the parent, they must not interfere with other handlers or their dogs and must ask before approaching the other dogs. Jumping and running is not permitted. Our training philosophy is to do no harm. We ONLY use force free dog training methods. We do not use physical or verbal aversives or any collar which inflicts pain or stress. Therefore slip chains, choker collars etc are not to be worn. We have humane equipment choices available to help dogs such as front leading harnesses , however many dogs learn just as well with their normal collar. We will show you how to teach your dog using these methods and how to give the dog the information you want them to know. All dogs must be vaccinated to C5 level (pups must have had their first vaccination of C3). Your vet can inform you if your dog is up to date. A copy of your certificate must be shown at week one of classes, or on the first day of daycare, or a copy emailed prior to your dog attending. Click the Sign-Up button on the Packages page to register fir Membership or Packages. Click on the Sign-Up Button on the courses page for Puppy and Basic courses, and to use your credits to book a class (if you have purchased a package)
BABY PUPPY SCHOOL (8-14 weeks at start date
Puppy Pre-School
36 Sessions Available
BASIC COMMUNICATION (For dogs over four month
LEVELS CLASSES (uses package credits)
Grade 2 -Intermediate
71 Sessions Available
Mission DogFit
17 Sessions Available
Nervous Nellies
4 Sessions Available
Single Friday Sessions
10 Sessions Available
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XXX LEVEL 3 - ADVANCED SKILLS - See Level 3&4 Above
XXX LEVEL 4 - MASTERS DIPLOMA - See level 3&4 above
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